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Visual Storytelling

Course Instructor: Sarnath Banerjee | Graphic Novelist


This course delves into narrative drawing, focusing on comics and graphic novels, and explores its connection with illustration, adaptation, graphic reportage, storyboarding, animation, and gaming. Through text and image, students will engage in methods of interrogation, inquiry, and comprehension, delving into complex thoughts, objects, places, and societal questions. Traditional forms such as scrolls, illuminated text, and murals are also examined, integrating them into contemporary digital visual storytelling. The course emphasizes the emergence of intuitive narratives driven by drawing, addressing collisional cultural themes and complexities such as class, caste, gender, and historical specificities. Students explore simultaneous events, cartographic aspects, and the influence of comics on various art forms. Additionally, the course delves into the oral and pictorial traditions of South Asian scrolls-makers, historic and contemporary pictorial storytelling, and the works of artists from different cultural backgrounds.

Course Contents:

  1. Introduction to narrative drawing and its connections with comics, graphic novels, and related activities.

  2. Exploration of methods for integrating text and image to engage with complex thoughts and societal questions.

  3. In contemporary digital visual storytelling, examination of traditional forms like scrolls, illuminated text, and murals.

  4. Emphasis on the emergence of intuitive narratives driven by drawing and addressing collisional cultural themes.

  5. Analysis of simultaneous events and cartographic aspects in graphic narratives.

  6. Study comics' influence on contemporary art forms such as moving images, painting, and performance.

  7. Exploration of South Asian scrolls-makers' traditions and techniques integrated with graphic novel approaches.

  8. Investigation into historical and contemporary pictorial storytelling from diverse cultural backgrounds.

  9. Examination of classic historical European artists and thinkers/authors alongside contemporary practitioners.

  10. Concentration on auto-fiction forms and the influence of older storytelling traditions on current comic-making practices.


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