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Pottery and Ceramics

Course Instructor: Snehal Kashikar | Ceramic Artist & Instructor at CEPT University


The process of building clay forms is both challenging and innovative, as it allows for a wide range of creative possibilities. This course serves as an introduction to the fundamental skills, techniques, and processes involved in working with clay and ceramics. Through a series of hands-on exercises, students will explore various methods of form-building, including both hand-building and wheel-throwing techniques. Additionally, they will learn about the different stages of ceramics production, such as clay preparation, glaze application, decoration, and kiln firing. By acquiring these skills, students will develop a deeper understanding of the physical properties of clay and its potential for artistic expression.


This course provides a unique opportunity for students to engage in hands-on pottery and experiment with different clay forms. They will learn how to prepare and knead clay, as well as gain experience in loading and firing clay in both primitive pit fires and studio electric kilns. Furthermore, students will engage in intensive study of pottery designs through sketching and drawing functional wares in ceramics.


As the course progresses, the focus will shift towards creating sculptural and pottery forms, with an emphasis on hand-building and wheel pottery techniques, as well as surface decoration. Throughout the course, students will be encouraged to develop their own style and artistic vision. The final project will serve as a platform for students to apply their learnings and showcase their individual creative expression. By the end of the course, students will have acquired a beginner's proficiency in pottery and ceramics.


Course Contents:

  1. Pinched Forms

  2. Relief Tile Making

  3. Coiled Forms

  4. Slump Moulds

  5. Primitive Pit Firing

  6. Slab Forms

  7. Solid Kurinuki Mugs

  8. Test Tile Making

  9. Glaze Testing

  10. Glaze Application Test Tiles

  11. Glazing

  12. Display & Grading


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