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Introduction to Filmmaking

Course Instructor: Don Chacko Palathara | Independent Film Maker


This course focuses on comprehensive insights into the historical evolution of cinema and the unique stylistic techniques of renowned filmmakers, fostering critical analysis and an enriched understanding of narrative methodologies within cinematic art. Students will explore the intricate art of cinema, focusing on the essential principles of auteur filmmaking. The course will engage students in a scholarly journey, delving into the fundamental facets of scriptwriting, cinematography, directing, editing, and sound design.The students will actively participate in crafting short films, assuming diverse roles within collaborative teams, providing hands-on experience mirroring the intricacies of filmmaking.


Course Contents:

  1. Critical Analysis: Fostering the ability to critically evaluate and appreciate the diverse storytelling methods that have shaped cinematic art over the course of more than a century.

  2. Inspiration from Masters: Examining the signature techniques and artistic approaches of renowned filmmakers, understanding how their work can serve as a wellspring of inspiration for budding filmmakers.

  3. Writing for Screen: Developing proficiency in crafting compelling screenplays, emphasizing character development and narrative structure, and translating creative ideas into script form.

  4. Directing Performances: Mastering the art of directing, which includes working with actors to elicit powerful performances, effectively managing film shoots, and honing the skills required for a director's role.

  5. Cinematic Vision through Cinematography: Exploring camera technology, composition, lenses, camera angles, and the creative use of lighting to convey emotions and messages visually.

  6. Editing as Storytelling: Understanding the importance of film editing and its role in crafting narrative. Learning how to utilize editing software (Adobe Premiere Pro) to enhance storytelling through cutting techniques.

  7. Sound Design and Music Integration: Gaining insights into the critical role of sound design and music in enhancing the cinematic experience.

  8. Shortfilm Making: Students will gain practical experience in crafting short films using industry-standard equipment and professional editing software, fostering teamwork and collaborative skills.


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