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Team Art@IITGN and Awaam, bring to you an opportunity to revisit your relationship with food, memories and its transformative capabilities! We are excited to present our collaboration with the talented folks at Untitled Kitchen, inviting everyone to be a part of a community dining at IIT Gandhinagar on 13th January 2024. We request the IITGN community to support the artist's vision and experiments by filling out this form, to confirm your presence at the dining. This will allow us to have a rough estimate of the quantity of food that needs to be prepared! In addition to the performative cooking and dining, we will be exhibiting documentation of ?Diri Dulsunum?, a secondary funerary rite of the Ho Adivasi community in West Singhbhum, Jharkhand where commensality is central to their practice.

What's On your Plate?

13 January 2024
Jal Mandap 4, Near Central Arcade, IIT Gandhinagar at 10:00 AM
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