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We see processions (Juloos) every day. Willingly or unwillingly, we all are a part of one or another procession. Does the procession show us the way or mislead us? Where do processions start and where do they head to? Michhil (Juloos in Hindi), widely seen as Badal Sircar?s most iconic production, is an excellent example of Third Theatre. First produced in 1974, it is still performed in several languages, within India, across the subcontinent, and even by the Indian diaspora abroad. Many typical features of Third Theatre are found in Michhil, such as intimacy and direct communication with the audience, satirically critical commentary on the status quo, the vision of a just and equitable society, a collage-like juxtaposition of sequences, the actors? bodies forming a range of sculptural images, and humor. Open & Free for all. We request all to register for the event, for the convenience of the organizers. Registration Link

Scrapyard Theatre Presents: Badal Sircar's Juloos

3 February 2024
Old Panchayat Circle at 07:30 PM
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