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Open Space: Kathak Performance

We are back with one more event under Open Space and gladly inviting you to a spectacular dance demonstration, "Kathak Performance" featuring the talented Ms Savani Sahasrabudhe with her mesmerizing choreography. Savani Sahasrabudhe started learning Kathak at the tender age of 6 under the guidance of Guru Jonaki Raghavan for 12 years and attained the prestigious Visharad. Later, she pursued her Bachelor's in Performing Arts, excelling under the renowned Guru Shama Tai Bhate from Savitribai Phule Pune University, securing the top position in her course. This would be an interactive Kathak performance, blending explanations and demonstrations.

What's On your Plate?

Team Art@IITGN and Awaam, bring to you an opportunity to revisit your relationship with food, memories and its transformative capabilities! We are excited to present our collaboration with the talented folks at Untitled Kitchen, inviting everyone to be a part of a community dining at IIT Gandhinagar on 13th January 2024. We request the IITGN community to support the artist's vision and experiments by filling out this form, to confirm your presence at the dining. This will allow us to have a rough estimate of the quantity of food that needs to be prepared! In addition to the performative cooking and dining, we will be exhibiting documentation of ?Diri Dulsunum?, a secondary funerary rite of the Ho Adivasi community in West Singhbhum, Jharkhand where commensality is central to their practice.

Scrapyard Theatre Presents: Badal Sircar's Juloos

We see processions (Juloos) every day. Willingly or unwillingly, we all are a part of one or another procession. Does the procession show us the way or mislead us? Where do processions start and where do they head to? Michhil (Juloos in Hindi), widely seen as Badal Sircar?s most iconic production, is an excellent example of Third Theatre. First produced in 1974, it is still performed in several languages, within India, across the subcontinent, and even by the Indian diaspora abroad. Many typical features of Third Theatre are found in Michhil, such as intimacy and direct communication with the audience, satirically critical commentary on the status quo, the vision of a just and equitable society, a collage-like juxtaposition of sequences, the actors? bodies forming a range of sculptural images, and humor. Open & Free for all. We request all to register for the event, for the convenience of the organizers. Registration Link

Film Screenings and discussions with Directors

We are delighted to announce the screening of the following films and interaction with the Film Directors as per the following schedule. Venue: Jibaben Patel (Kanisa) Memorial Auditorium. Time: 10 pm onwards. Date: January 27, 2024 (Today). Films: 1. I?m Not the River Jhelum (2022, 95 mins) by Prabhash Chandra. 2. Side Roads (2015, 27mins) by Julia Sokolnicka.

Visit To Kalamkush

We hope this message finds you well and eager for a unique experience. We are excited to announce the second event in the series of Art Exploration. This time we are hopping on to the one and only Kalam Kush. Kalam Khush is a place where waste cotton fabric scraps are transformed to create handmade paper. More than handmade papers, we will also be seeing the upcycling and recycling phenomenon in reality. Join us for a captivating curated art exploration that will transport you to the heart of Ahmedabad, where history, craftsmanship, and sustainability converge.

OPEN SPACE: Manipuri Dance - Redefining the Gender Spectrum

We are thrilled to get Open Space again and gladly inviting you to a spectacular dance performance evening, "Manipuri dance: redefining the gender spectrum" featuring talented artists Parna Chakraborty, Kankana Singh and Tanisha Bhadury with their mesmerizing performances. The distinctively interesting aspect of Manipuri dance form lies in its difference between the Lasya(feminine) and Tandava (masculine) styles. This distinction is enhanced by its costumes, movement vocabulary and training patterns.

Jai Bhim

We are excited to invite you to a screening of Jai Bhim. This event is open to the entire IITGN community, and we encourage everyone to join us for an evening of meaningful storytelling. Jai Bhim is a thought-provoking film that explores important social issues and highlights the question of justice in a caste society. The movie has received critical acclaim for its impactful narrative and compelling performances.

Make a Mural: A Clay Studio Session on Collective Creation

The Clay Studio at the IITGN campus has been a place of discovery and exploration for many working with clay for the first time! Your continued interest in the initiatives we plan has allowed us to thrive and provide necessary resources to those curious about the world of terracotta and ceramics. We therefore invite all the residents of IITGN to join us at the Clay Studio as we collectively paint a mural that reflects our continued dedication to building spaces of exploration and expression for all! Let's paint the walls, as we pour in our laughter, stories and songs while we make the studio come to life.

The Flea Market: Alumni Homecoming

We are thrilled to invite you to the IITGN Flea Market, an enchanting evening that promises to ignite your senses and immerse you in a world of creativity, colors, and community spirit. This event is a celebration of the exceptional talents that reside within our own campus, and we are excited to showcase the brilliant artwork of our very own artists.

Exploring Natural Dyes with ColourAshram

We are excited to announce an upcoming workshop in collaboration with ColorAshram Foundation, an organization dedicated to promoting sustainable practices in the textile industry. ColorAshram has been at the forefront of making zero-waste dyes, and we are thrilled to bring their expertise to our community. This workshop is a unique opportunity to explore sustainable practices in the textile industry, reduce our environmental footprint, and gain valuable skills that can be applied in your creative projects or research endeavors.

Fabric Painting

Explore paint on cloth in the Fabric Painting Workshop. A quick guide for beginners covering basics like suitable fabric paint and techniques for painting on clothes. Tips on sealing acrylic paint on fabric for durability.

Kaleidoscope: A series of Short Films

Delight in the world of cinema with "Kaleidoscope," directed by Dr. Sameer and Kaumudi Sahasrabudhe. An adventure into live action, animation, and more. Experience a cinematic kaleidoscope featuring heartwarming tales and avant-garde wonders.

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