12 Mar


'Self Learning sessions: Strings and Keys' by Harvansh Dandelia

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Creative Circle

11-19 Mar


Paint a Mural with Artist Suman Choudhury

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Kathak Performance



IITGN Theatre & Performing Art Festival

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28 Feb


AI & Future of Art by Jaison Manjaly

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MOVEMENTS with Artist Kanmani & Dyuti Pandya

27 Feb


Lal Pencil

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Films | Animations | Documentaries

Creative Circle is an initiative of Art at IITGN which attempts to create a space for students across the campus to engage in experimental and exploratory artistic processes. We believe in building a sense of community amongst the students as they breach the boundaries necessitated by structured forms of art, together. As the students partake in these innovative creative endeavors, we envision a transformation in the cultural landscape of IIT Gandhinagar. ART@IITGN to facilitate any form of visual and performative art - curated or self-exploratory.

“any living being is the one which consciously strives to weave clear intelligence, deep feeling and strong desire into a harmoniously balanced yet interactively moving whole”

Have you ever noticed how your body responds to any emotions, particular songs shifting you to random memories, the glimpses where you felt my part of this whole cosmic energy, how a new born’s blabbering made so much sense, what would have been running in the sculptures mind when he sculpted this flowing statue of this couple and many more instances.
It’s our pleasure and happiness to introduce “Movements” as a part of ART@IITGN, to explore the inner self with the help of music and body movements. The session includes, basic stretching of the body for relaxing, breathing exercises, interactive session about the self and the journey and guided movement session.
Let’s all come together to explore and grow as a single entity of this massive creation.

Art & Awareness is our effort on occasion of World Sparrow Day that is observed annually on March 20. IIT Gandhinagar has over 100 species of Birds on our campus and we have been working towards sustainability and developing a green campus since the initial stage. ART@IITGN has curated a series of activities along with the exhibition ‘Sparrow’ from 16 to 20 March 2023.
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Avani -  Art Curator

Curator’s Corner

Art@IITGN is here to organise and facilitate creative activities and we encourage you to be a part of it. The curator invites the IITGN community to propose and suggest ideas for events, workshops, jamming sessions, exhibitions, art residencies, exchange programmes etc., be it visual art, performing art, theatre, music, or any other suggested medium. The ideas to engage the IITGN community to the World of Art, will be curated and supported.

Artist-in-Residence program and Internships with ART@IITGN is open now, interested individuals may reach the curator at 

Artists of the IITGN community

  • We envision forming a strong Network of Creative Practitioners at IIT Gandhinagar to interact with each other as well as contribute to the overall vision of ART@IITGN. Encouraging Artists of the IITGN community who are practicing any form of ART (self-taught, formally trained, amateur, professional) to connect with us via this form.

Inviting collaboration

  • Art@IITGN invites expressions of interest for collaborations with institutes, organizations and individuals.
  • Reach us via art(at)
Phad image

Mural inspired by the traditional Phad painting of Rajasthan at Academic Block 7. The mural was prepared as part of the IIT Gandhinagar ART FESTIVAL in August, 2022 by the IITGN community with Shri Kalyan Joshi.

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