Exploring the heritage textiles of Ahmedabad

Venue: IIT Gandhinagar to Old Ahmedabad We are excited to announce an exclusive event as part of the Fabric Chronicles, in collaboration with India Recycles, an esteemed NGO based in Ahmedabad. Join us for a captivating Heritage Textile Wal...

Charkha se Dhaaga

Venue: Art Studio Find your inspiration as the artists guide you through the entire process, from setting up the Charkha to creating your first thread. Hear from these passionate artists, the story of why they started ...


Venue:Jasubhai Auditorium The play "Savitri" (Hindi), a tale of love, devotion, and courage inspired by the ancient legends of India depicted by Shri Aurobindo. This Play is brought to you by Gujarat State Sangeet Natak Academy in association with Art@IIT & M.P Art Lovers Gandhinagar.


Exhibition Hall

A dedicated platform for artists to showcase their works and engage with the IITGN community and visitors.

Provides a visually appealing and immersive experience for art enthusiasts.

It hosts art exhibitions, installations, and creative displays, allowing artists to share their artistic vision and spark meaningful conversations.

Artists from different backgrounds and disciplines come together to create unique and thought-provoking exhibitions.
It serves as a cultural hub on campus, fostering a deeper appreciation for the arts.

Clay Studio

The Clay Studio at IITGN is a specialized workspace dedicated to pottery, sculpting, and ceramic art. It provides artists and enthusiasts with the necessary tools and equipment for working with clay, such as pottery wheels, kilns, clay modeling tools, and glazes.

The studio offers a hands-on experience for individuals to shape clay and bring their imaginative ideas to life through pottery and sculpting.

Artists can explore various techniques, from wheel-throwing to hand-building, and learn the art of creating functional pottery or intricate sculptural pieces.

With its dedicated space and resources, the Clay Studio nurtures the development of ceramic artists, fostering a deep appreciation for the art form and facilitating a creative exchange of ideas.

Art Studio

It offers a spacious and well-lit environment that allows artists to freely explore their creativity and experiment with various art forms and techniques.

The Art Studio serves as a hub for artistic expression, cultivating a sense of community and collaboration among artists at IITGN.

Whether it's painting, drawing, mixed media, or other forms of visual art, the studio provides an ideal setting for artists to delve into their passion and create visually captivating works.

Dance and Music Studios

The Music and Dance Studio at IITGN is a vibrant and dynamic space designed for musicians, vocalists, and dancers to practice, rehearse, and refine their artistic skills.
Equipped with a range of musical instruments, sound systems, and dance floors, the studio provides the necessary infrastructure for artistic exploration and expression.
Dancers can utilize the studio to refine their dance routines, learn new choreography, or explore different dance styles.
The space fosters a collaborative environment where artists can come together, exchange ideas, and create memorable performances, contributing to the vibrant artistic culture at IITGN.

Studio Hours

We at Art@IITGN are pleased to announce that the Art Studio will now be open to all of the IITGN community members!

Our goal from the very inception of the initiative has been striving to create a space for the creative minded from all walks of life to share their methods of creating, communicating and exploring. We wish to facilitate your work in research, writing, creative explorations and all that you deem as art.

Artists of the IITGN community

  • We envision forming a strong Network of Creative Practitioners at IIT Gandhinagar to interact with each other as well as contribute to the overall vision of ART@IITGN. Encouraging Artists of the IITGN community who are practicing any form of ART (self-taught, formally trained, amateur, professional) to connect with us via this form.

Inviting collaboration

  • Art@IITGN invites expressions of interest for collaborations with institutes, organizations and individuals.
  • Reach us via art(at)

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