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Artists of the Kranti group are survivors of trafficking. We are daughters of sex workers. We are young women, with big plans, crazy dreams, and a determination to change the world. Together, we are Kranti, an NGO that empowers girls from Mumbai’s red-light areas to become agents of social change...and happiness!

Laal Batti Express (Red-Light Express) the flagship show, a one-hour journey that will take you through the stations of our lives - growing up in Mumbai’s brothels; our battles against society’s violence, abuse, and discrimination; as well as our hopes and dreams for ourselves, our community, and the world. However...LBE is a journey we embark on together - the show is extremely interactive and requires a lot of audience participation. Be ready to share your own experiences, stories, and vulnerabilities! 

Meet the LBE Crew

Krantikari Kavita

Krantikari Kavita is in her last semester of Yogashastra (study of Yoga Philosophy) at Kaivalyadhama Institute in India and recently received A+ for her exams last semester! Kavita already has several job offers lined up in India and abroad, we are super excited to see where this beautiful journey called "life" takes her next!

Krantikari Jayshree

Krantikari Jayshree is also in her last term at Krea University in Southern India, pursuing a BA in social science. Jayashree is also someone who had decided quite early that she will not study further after finishing her 12th, therefore it is SUCH a joy for everyone at Kranti, especially the staff, to see her study so diligently and responsibly. Jayashree is uncertain whether she wants to pursue an MA or start working with her community after graduation.

Krantikari Sheetal

Krantikari Sheetal is currently working as Program Director for Save The Child, a US based foundation. Sheetal provides on-the-ground support for a dozen NGOs across India and Nepal, focusing on sex workers, special needs children, and terminally ill youth. She is also simultaneously studying Arts Based Therapy which uses mediums such as rhythm, theatre and visual arts as therapeutic modes. She will become a certified therapist in June!

Krantikari Pooja

Krantikari Pooja spent two months Yoga Teacher Training course in Kerala. She initially went for a month but she loved it so much she decided to continue her training for another month. This was the longest she has stayed away from Kranti and her mother as well. She passed 10th last year through NIOS and now she is preparing for 12th and is also taking advanced yoga classes to strengthen her skills.

Krantikari Taniya

Krantikari Taniya is a certified Zumba instructor. She works with marginalised children in orphanages, like Sharnam, in tribal areas, with Save the Child Foundation, and children with special needs, using dance and activity based workshops to bring out healthy expression of emotions and healing in these children.

Krantikari Pinky

Krantikari Pinky is presently at the Kranti home and is working with animals! Although Pinky continues to struggle with BPD, she never gives up no matter how much she struggles with depression, self harm or anything else. Pinky is one of the first girls at Kranti and she often jokes that she will be the last. Her humour, joyous attitude keeps the Kranti house floating in the toughest times and we are so grateful that Pinky knows she has Kranti's permanent support.

Krantikari Shraddha

Krantikari Shraddha has just come back from exploring different mediums of art at Cow House Studio, an artist-run school and residency on an Irish farm. She is now working with the students at a government school in Kamathipura red light area, the community where most of us grew up. Shraddha is responsible for painting eight classrooms with her talented assistants, ages 5-14.

Krantikari Shweta

Krantikari Shweta, who goes by the name Tara now, was named a "25-Under-25 Women to Watch" by Newsweek in 2013. At 18, she received a full scholarship from Bard College in New York, becoming the first girl from an Indian red-light area ever to study abroad. In 2014, She was the recipient of many awards,including the UN Youth Courage Award for Education. She has recently come back to Kranti after finishing her studies in Italy and is working at Kranti officially. She is also training to become an Arts Based Therapist, to bring different modalities of healing to her community.

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